With our services, our employees and our customers at our forefront, we live these values:

• Delivering quality and efficiency holding ourselves accountable for each finish.
• Committed to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
• Being educated and passionate within our industry, embracing innovation.


To clean, protect and maintain vehicles – one car, one company, one day at a time.


Founded in 2005 by Ryan McCallum, Wash n Wax is an independent mobile Car Valeting Company, operating within Edinburgh and the Lothian’s.

At home, work and leisure we travel to suit our Customers’ needs, providing them with valeted vehicles any day of the week. Our Company is built on years of delivering valeting services across Edinburgh and the Lothian’s. We pride ourselves on being efficient, passionate and innovative. Over the last decade we have adapted our methods to suit customer needs and requirements, in turn continuing to provide excellent service. As our clientele grows in the commercial and domestic fields we strive to keep improving, growing and challenging the status quo to provide our customers with the best valeting experience possible.